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Ballet by Alexei Kononov. Music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

All adults were children at first, only few of them remember this. What happens to childhood dreams as a person grows up? At what point do we banish wizards and fairies from our lives? In his last ballet, Pyotr Tchaikovsky turns to the theme of childhood, when everything around is amazing, but nothing is surprising. A year before his death, the composer reflects on the passage of time, maturation and even aging of the soul. Time is not linear here, and the events, sounds and smells of childhood do not pass, but repeat themselves like the seasons.

In the year of the composer's 180th birthday, Alexei Kononov in his new ballet turned to music known to everyone from childhood, leaving Hoffmann's plot in the background. The choreographer created his own tale of a lost childhood, where the plot is distinguished by a lack of reliability and a pronounced fiction. Here, the past and the present, intertwining with each other, open the amazing and endless movement of man into the depths of his universe.

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