Gala concert of opera and ballet: "Christmas carnival"

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We draw your attention, tickets are sold for tickets at two tariffs:
1. A discount ticket is for citizens of the Russian Federation. (presentation of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation on control)
2. Full ticket - for foreign citizens.
Each guest from 0 years old must buy a ticket.
At all events in the Hermitage Theater there is a free seating.
Christmas carnival. Gala concert of opera and ballet.
The charm of the Catholic Christmas has long penetrated our culture. The warmth, comfort and trembling expectation of a bright holiday appear every year. On this holiday it is common to share joy with other people!

To enhance this magical effect and help to penetrate more deeply the winter fairy tale, we suggest to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of celebration and fun. The unique program of the evening consists of carnival scenes of opera and ballet classics.

1 act:

1. I. Strauss - Overture from the operetta "The Bat". "Orlovsky's Toast". Performed by: Alexander Trofimov. Soloist of the Academy of the Mariinsky Theater laureate of international competitions

2. W. Mozart - "The Aria of the Queen of the Night" from the opera "The Magic Flute". Performed by: Ekaterina Fenina. Mikhailovsky Theater, laureate of international competitions.

3. J. Puccini - "Calla Aria" from the opera "Turandot". Performed by: Dmitry Karpov. Mikhailovsky Theater

4. Delibes - duet of Lakme and Maliki from the opera "Lakme". Performed by: Regina Rustamova. Soloist of the Academy of Young Opera Singers of the Mariinsky Theater, laureate of international competitions and Ekaterina Fenina.

5. Bizet - couplets of Escamillo from the opera "Carmen". Performed by: Vladimir Tselebrovsky. Soloist of the Academy of Young Opera Singers of the Mariinsky Theater, Laureate of International Competitions.

6. F. Lowe - Eliza's song "I want to dance" from the musical "My Fair Lady". Performed by: Regina Rustamova.

7. I. Kalman - Bonnie's couplets "It's impossible to live without women .." from the operetta "Silva" and the Grand Cancan. Performed by: Alexander Trofimov and ballet dancers.

2 act:

1. B. Yunusov "Chronicles of a clockwork bird" (chorus Y.Smekalov). Performed by: Mei Nagahisa and Victor Kaisheto (Mariinsky Theater)

2. R. Drigo Pas de deux from the ballet "Harlequinade" Performed by: Sabina Yapparova and Julian McKay (Mikhailovsky Theater)

3. J. Strauss Pas de deux "The Bat" (chorus.Polubentsev). Performed by: Ekaterina Chebykina and Fuad Mamedov (Mariinsky Theater)

4. N. Shuman Pa de de of the ballet "Carnival" (chorus. Fokine) Performed by: Maria Shirinkina and Vasily Tkachenko (Mariinsky Theater)

5. The Auber. Classical Pas de deux. Performed by: Victoria Tereshkina and Vladimir Shklyarov (Mariinsky Theater)

The concert is accompanied by the Olympic brass orchestra


Alexander Trofimov, Ekaterina Fenina, Dmitry Karpov, Regina Rustamova, Vladimir Celebrovsky, Mei Nagahisa, Victor Kaisheto, Sabina Yapparova, Julian McKay, Ekaterina Chebykina, Fuad Mamedov, Maria Shirinkina, Vasily Tkachenko, Victoria Tereshkina and Vladimir Shklyarov


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