Evening of one-act ballets: "Carousel", "Prodigal Son".

  • Балет


Tickets are sold at the city’s box office

Ticket price: 3500₽

Evening of one-act ballets: “Carousel”, “Prodigal Son”. Premiere on the stage of the Hermitage Theater! In the framework of the Hermitage Evenings of the Mikhailovsky Theater project

"Carousel" - a plastic performance for ballet and choir artists

Idea, statement: Alexander Omar

Scenography, costumes: Alexandra Leonidova

Light: Alexander Kibitkin

Responsible tutor: Roman Petukhov

Folk group "Wheel" participates in the performance.

"Prodigal Son" - one act ballet

Music: Camille Saint-Saens

Choreography, stage design: Ivan Vasilyev

Costumes: Alexandra Leonidova

Light: Alexander Kibitkin

Theater: Mikhailovsky Theater

Performers: ballet dancers, folk group "Wheel"


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