"Nutcracker and a poem without a hero". Ballet by Alexei Kononov

  • Балет

Based on "Poem without a Hero" by Anna Akhmatova

Music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky from the ballet "The Nutcracker"

"As in the past the future is maturing, So in the future the past smolders" - writes late Anna Akhmatova in her "Poem without a Hero" about Akhmatova early. All adults were children at first, only few of them remember this. What happens to childhood dreams as a person grows up? At what point do we expel wizards and fairies from our lives and meet the ghosts of the past?

"New Year's Eve. Fountain House. Shadows come to the author, instead of the one who was expected ..." - this is how the most famous St. Petersburg Christmas poem begins. Turning to the theme of Christmas in the ballet "The Nutcracker", Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, a year before his death, also reflects on the passage of time, growing up and even aging of the soul. Where the past and the present, intertwining with each other, open the amazing and endless movement of man into the depths of his universe.

In his production, Alexei Kononov explores the hidden drama of Tchaikovsky's world-famous ballet. Avoiding superficial associations, predictable staging decisions and the expected attributes of a Christmas fairy tale, the heroes of the play celebrate farewell to childhood - a time when everything around is amazing and nothing is surprising.

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