Classics on the sand. Duduk. Legends of the world

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Classic on the sand. Duduk. Legends of the world

The famous parables of the eastern sages will come to life on the huge screen and the walls of the imperial theater in large-scale images of sand animation to the bewitching, magical sound of duduk. Changeable and light sand paintings remind of the changeability and fleetingness of life itself. At the concert, each spectator will be able to hide from the hustle and bustle for a short time, be alone with himself and find the answers to eternal questions. A sand symphony about wisdom, love, the search for truth and the unique timbre of duduk evoke genuine admiration, making the deepest strings of the soul tremble.

Sand animation is a graceful and dynamic visual art genre. On a table illuminated from below, with precise hand movements using sand, the artist creates expressive images and their transformations right in front of the audience.

"Classics in the Sand" is a spectacular art project featuring the highest level of performing skills, original sand graphics combined with multimedia technologies and beautiful live music. The creators of the concert combine the most beautiful forms of art into a single whole, the audience will have the opportunity to experience a unique sensory experience. The visual range takes the viewer into a created new world containing puzzles for the eye, forcing them to wander like a maze and discover new sources of meaning.

“... We can say that such a combination of live music and sand paintings is an incredibly delightful act. The artist managed to capture the mood, the very essence of the work, disturbing the most delicate strings of the soul. Sand itself embodies the temporality of everything that happens, sweeping, erasing the past and leaving a loop for the future. " - music magazine "Rock-Mayak", June 2019


Duduk - Vitaly Poghosyan and "Duduk Band"

Sand animation director - Daria Kotyukh

Art studio "Wind":

Video director - Dmitry Ermolin, Stanislav Stepanov.

Daria Kotyukh

Artist, director, winner and jury member of Russian and international sand animation competitions, author of the series of programs "Classics in the Sand".

Daria Kotyukh's concerts are regularly held in Russia and Europe, the artist successfully collaborates with Russian and foreign orchestras, incl. with the Mulhouse Symphony Orchestra, Basel Chamber Orchestra, Monte Carlo Symphony Orchestra, St. Petersburg State Philharmonic Orchestra, conductors Eyvind Aadland, Jacques Lacombe, Alexey Nyaga. She has worked at major theatrical and festival venues such as the Auditorium Rainer III, the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater, the Mariinsky Theater, the St. D.D. Shostakovich, on the main stage at the Brandenburg Gate of the Kirchentag - 2017 festival, etc.

Participant of Russian and international exhibitions of sand graphics and calligraphy. Personal exhibition of Daria Kotyukh was held at the General Staff of the State Hermitage as part of the festival "In the context of the classics" in 2017

Vitaly Poghosyan

Musician, one of the best duduk players of our time. Touring with concerts around the world, Vitaly Poghosyan successfully collaborates with such famous artists as Dmitry Pevtsov, Diana Arbenina, Maxim Leonidov, Levon Oganezov and others. In his group "Duduk Band" Vitaly Poghosyan brought together some of the best musicians of St. Petersburg: jazz pianist, arranger and composer Ilya Shcheklein, bass player with twenty years of stage experience Sergei Shein and drummer fluent in techniques in various musical styles, Roman Nikolaev ... In such an experimental line-up, a new, unusual sound was born, which made it possible to include in the program not only works that have become real pearls of Armenian folk music, but also such hits of the twentieth century as "Love me Tender" and "Hit the Road Jack".



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