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New Year with Chigadaev Big Band at the Hermitage Theater

On December 31, the Chigadaev Big Band, a jazz orchestra conducted by Stanislav Chigadaev, will perform on the stage of the Imperial Hermitage Theater with the New Year program CHRISTMAS JAZZ.

The CHRISTMAS JAZZ program is filled with the spirit of 30s New York, catchy Latin rhythms and a sea of ​​improvisations. The concert will feature the brightest and most recognizable jazz melodies arranged by Stanislav Chigadaev.

On the stage of the Imperial Hermitage Theater, performers will take you to the swing era and fill this wonderful New Year's Eve with incredible and vivid emotions.

Treat yourself to the most unforgettable holiday with Chigadaev Big Band!

Chigadaev Big Band is a project of the famous St. Petersburg classical and jazz pianist and composer Stanislav Chigadaev, which has already won the love of the public.

Each concert of the collective is an unforgettable musical show, a sea of ​​improvisations, exciting emotions and drive of a real jazz orchestra.

Stanislav Chigadaev was born in 1991 in Budapest. He began to study music at the age of five at the School of Arts. G.V. Sviridov in St. Petersburg. Graduated from the St. N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov, St. Petersburg State Conservatory named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov and postgraduate studies at the Conservatory.

Progressing both in classics and jazz, he participates in numerous festivals (laureate of the jazz competition "Autumn Marathon"). In 2011 and 2013, Stanislav took part in master classes at The New School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Venice (Italy), as well as in the international Veneto Jazz Festival. In 2017, he completed an internship at the Academy of Music named after I. K. Szymanowski in Poland.

Collaborated with Andrea Bocelli, Nigel Kennedy, Vasily Gerello, Alena Petrovskaya, Alim Shakhmametyev, Larisa Dolina, Igor Ponomarenko, Alexei Vasiliev and Fabio Mastrangelo, as well as with many orchestras. Tours both in Russia and abroad.

He is the leader of the beloved by the public crossover project "Trio" Good evening! "

Founder of his own author's school of jazz improvisation Chigadaev Music Schоol.

Eclectic thinking, emotionality and freedom of expression of musical thought are the hallmarks of this musician's improvisation. Not many professional pianists are able to combine their creative activities both in the classical world and in the jazz world.

In his project "Chigadaev Big Band", jazz musicians from St. Petersburg take part, behind whom are successful projects and participation in well-known bands. And all of them with great pleasure joined the Chigadaev Big Band to once again turn to the timeless jazz classics.


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