Ballet and drama performance "The Boy at Christ on the Christmas Tree"

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Children's ballet and drama performance "The Boy at Christ on the Tree"

Artists of the "New Dance Theater" will show the play "The Boy at Christ on the Christmas Tree" based on Dostoevsky.

Children's ballet and drama performance "The Boy at Christ on the Christmas Tree"

January 6 and 7, 2023, with the support of the International Cultural Center. S.P. Diaghilev, there will be a performance of the children's ballet and drama performance "The Boy at Christ on the Christmas Tree", with the participation of the stars of the leading theaters of St. Petersburg, together with the participation of pupils of the children's groups "New Dance Theater" and "Theater of Childhood". The performance will be shown on the stage of the Hermitage Theatre.

The unique ballet and drama performance is based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Christmas story written in 1876.

The idea to stage such an unusual ballet based on the work of Dostoevsky appeared in 2018. Yuri Andreev, artistic director of the New Dance Theater School of Ballet, notes: “For a long time I have been looking for a story that is not known in the ballet world. I wanted to find a strong and emotional piece. Perhaps Dostoevsky's work does not fit into the generally accepted format of children's performances, but I am sure that both young artists and the audience will accept the production and it will leave warmth in everyone's heart. After all, both 200 years ago and today, people are often indifferent to the problems of others. But Dostoevsky, through the pain and suffering of the characters in the drama, shows the importance of caring for those with whom you are close.

Fyodor Mikhailovich wrote a tragic story about the wanderings of a beggar child at Christmas time, plunging the reader into the Petersburg frosts, revealing the harsh morals of the townspeople. Especially for the performance, scenery was created that conveys the mood of a gloomy, rejecting and cruel Petersburg. In contrast to the street, the audience is waiting for the scene in the house where the rich girl lives. With warmth and joy to the same rich friends, but at the same time with coldness to the uninvited guest, the boy. And the works of Johann Sebastian Bach will help the audience to feel the hard fate of the protagonist. Artistic Director of the School of Ballet "New Dance Theatre", stage director, Andreev Yuri Vasilyevich.

The repertoire of the New Dance Theater Ballet School includes performances: The Christmas Tale "The Nutcracker", the opera "Adalmina's Pearl", staged jointly with the Mariinsky Theater, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", as well as the performance of the International Cultural Center. S. Diaghilev's "The Great World of Anna Pavlova's Ballet" with the participation of the New Dance Theater troupe.

International Cultural Center. Sergei Diaghilev has existed since 2005, continuing the work of the famous Russian impresario Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev, carries out cultural and creative projects that popularize Russian musical art both in Russia and around the world, revives the traditions of Russian musical theater, supports young talents and opens up new ones to a wide audience. names, organizes art exhibitions, is engaged in educational and charitable activities.

Duration 1 hour 15 minutes with intermission.

The performance takes place under the soundtrack.



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