Ballet "The Little Prince" (Art Center Saint-Michel)

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Ballet "The Little Prince". Premiere. ( Art Center "Saint-Michel")

Ballet premiere!

The Little Prince, ballet in 2 acts

Music - Claude Debussy.

Choreography and libretto - Mikhail Venshchikov.

Planet of the Little Prince - the story of the magical mirages of our childhood. The further the acceleration of time takes us away from it, the more mysterious this beautiful world seems to us. Choreographer Mikhail Venshchikov is staging a ballet based on the philosophical parable of A. de Saint-Exupery, answering after him the eternal questions of life. Fox, Rose, Little Prince - a kind of stalkers, leading the viewer along the path of childhood memories. In this abandoned country, they will meet with lost dreams, which, like stars, twinkle for them in the boundless firmament of memory. This journey will teach the little spectator invaluable lessons of devotion, love and responsibility to those whom we have tamed.

Soloists and artists of the Saint-Michel Art Center, as well as guest soloists - artists of the Mikhailovsky and Mariinsky Theaters take part in the production.

The ballet is accompanied by live musical accompaniment. Pianist - laureate of international competitions Alexander Kashpurin.

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Apr 8, 2023

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