Concert "Classics are joking"

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The magic of ordinary things in music, or how composers see everyday life.

Look at the world through music, and you will be surprised to discover miracles in everyday life!

Concert program:

Block animals in music.

Vivaldi Spring 1 part of the concerto for violin and orchestra (Birds)

Ramo Sonatina "Chicken"

Saint-Saens Animal Carnival "Long-eared" (Donkey)

Saint-Saens Animal Carnival "Elephant"

Strauss Polka "In the Pavlovsk Forest" (Cuckoo)

Anderson The Waltzing Cat

Diniku Lark

Sounds of nature in music.

Vivaldi Winter 1 part of the concerto for violin and orchestra

Waldteufel Waltz "Skaters"

Anderson "On the Sleigh"

Vivaldi 3 part of the concerto for violin and orchestra "Thunderstorm"

Strauss Polka "Thunder and Lightning"

Perpetuum mobile.

Pachelbel canon

Paganini Perpetual Motion

Tchaikovsky Quartet No. 1, part 2

Anderson Fidel Fadel


Tchaikovsky 4th symphony 3rd movement (excerpt)

Strauss polka "Pizzicato"

Strauss polka "New pizzicato"

Anderson «Jazz pizzicato»

Anderson "Plinc Plank Plunk"

Singing orchestra.

Strauss Egyptian March

Schnittke Polka

Unusual soloist.

Tchaikovsky "Ratchet"

Anderson Syncopated Clock

Anderson "Typewriter"

Strauss "The Anvil"

Anderson "Sandpaper Ballet"

Strauss gallop "Bandits"

Soloist: Irina Danilova

Duration 1 hour 25 minutes. No intermission

Tickets are sold at theater box offices and agencies in the city


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