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Event: Masterpieces of baroque music. Vivaldi, Bach, Handel

Date and time: 05.05.2023 19:00

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  • Event: Masterpieces of baroque music. Vivaldi, Bach, Handel
  • Place: Hermitage Theater
  • Date and time: 05.05.2023 19:00
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Seating plan of the Hermitage Theater

Seating plan of the Hermitage Theater Seating plan of the Hermitage Theater Seating plan of the Hermitage Theater

In the Hermitage Theater there is a free seating, all entrance tickets (without numbering places).

Capacity of auditorium 280 seats.

Description of the event:

Russian Early Music Ensemble

Leader and soloist Vladimir Shulyakovsky (baroque violin)

Victoria Evtodieva (soprano), Fyodor Shulyakovsky (recorder)

Elena Chupakhina (harpsichord)

The Baroque era gave the world a whole galaxy of brilliant composers, in which Vivaldi, Bach and Handel are the first among equals. The magnitude of their creative heritage, which amounts to many thousands of compositions, still boggles the imagination: even a simple rewriting of Vivaldi's scores by hand can take years. The quality of this music is evidenced by its relevance to the present time, when the works of Bach and Handel sound like ringtones on mobile devices, and Vivaldi's The Four Seasons is the most performed composition in the world.

The program presented this evening is made up of the iconic compositions of these "geniuses of the Baroque". It included the Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 and arias from Bach's cantatas, symphonies for strings and Vivaldi's recorder concertos, arias and instrumental music from Handel's operas. All these works will be performed on authentic instruments of the Baroque era (harpsichord, baroque violin, recorder), which is a kind of “credo” of Vladimir Shulyakovsky, who plays the original Italian violin of 1713, and the Russian Early Music Ensemble, practicing a strict historical approach to all their interpretations.

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